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Aquasolution is a water solution provider for last 10years offering comprehensive solution in water and waste water treatment, FRP swimming pools, Air Management and allied products. Aquasolution is also into manufacturing of PVC water storage tank and concrete products suitably coined to match the diversified needs of customers for industry, homes and communities. To rightly reflect its efforts and direction and to streamline its support, aquasolution has reinforced its commitment to quality and technological up-gradation. It has been aquasolution's continuous endeavor to use safer and eco-friendly specialty products, and further make them acceptable in todays environment.

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Air Pollution Control and Mitigation

Air pollution triggered by industrial emission is a serious problem in India due to ever growing industrialization and urbanization. The stratospheric ozone depletion due to air pollution has long been spotted as a threat to human health as well as to the Earth's ecosystems.


Having their own private pool is a long cherished dream come true for more and more people, a desire to improve and invest in their quality of life, whether for sport, health, or simply for leisure and relaxation.

Tea Tech

In today’s competitive environment Tea Manufacturers are in lookout and keen to implement methods/improvements to produce better quality of product with higher shelf life.

Water Management System

Today the world is witnessing ever growing demand in water consumption facing with a diminishing supply due to acute decrease in level of ground water and fresh water resources.